All-in-one or separate business systems?

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All-in-one or separate business systems?

No matter what business size or maturity, just starting out or established, at some point you will face a choice of whether to select an all-in-one solution or separate business systems. Business owners and executives now have incredible choice when it comes to selecting software.

We breaks down this and discuss what to consider when deciding which approach is best for your business. 

Two most common options: 

1 – Single vendor 

A one-size party pack servicing all your organisation needs. A single platform integrating all key business functions in one system. Most known as an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. 


2 – Multiple vendors

Best in class approach. You can choose technology and software from many vendors to address specific business requirements at that time.  For example, selecting your CRM with Zoho, Marketing and Sales with Salesforce, Finance with Xero and Collaboration and Productivity with Microsoft 365. 

Each option has its pros and cons.

 All-in-one Separate Business System 
Features Standard features Best-of-breed features 
Budget Planning Lower maintenance Higher maintenance 
View Full visibility of workflow Data and information siloed 
Integration Out of the box integration API and third-party solutions 
Procurement Effort Less effort More effort 
Training Simple interface across all platform Specialised training 
Support One point of contact Multiple point of contacts 
Security Less risk exposure Increased risk exposure 

Our View

Businesses requiring additional features should consider the value of critical use integration or single sign-on. This is where integration and single sign-on between systems is necessary to deliver a seamless experience. 

Despite small to medium sized enterprises not having the luxury of sourcing specific software to achieve desired outcomes. We offer expert advice on technology by trusted vendors, to create a stack that anchors on affordability, security and modern solution. 

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All-in-one or separate business systems?

All-in-one or separate business systems? No matter what business size or maturity, just starting out or established, at some point you will face a choice

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Codux launched in 2018, our mission is to empower adoption of contemporary IT systems

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Connect and Automate

Streamline workflow, integrate and connect business apps together  


Smart workspace technology to keep your office running smoothly 

Solution Creator

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Adopt contemporary systems with solutions to support cyber-attack prevention, response, and recovery

Modern IT

Automate provisioning, streamline management, and secure devices

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Safeguard user access to company apps and systems

Data Security

Protect and control access to sensitive data, comply with common regulation

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Shield users from cyber-threats on devices, and across email, web, and apps

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Next generation security for modern high-performance networks

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Protect data and systems, quickly recover from disasters and cyber-attacks

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